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~ the cultivation of beauty in the garden and beyond
~ sharing ideas that can be interpreted by all who love design
~ the celebration of creativity, originality, and balance, tempered with a sense of humor
~ honoring the land we live on by elevating it through thoughtful design
~ creating and cultivating online communities
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The First Anniversary Issue of Leaf Magazine is live!  Please feel free to share it!

Burle Marx

Our summer issue is live!

We want to share your outdoor style with our audience!  You’ll notice a new 'Submit Your Best Design Outside' button at the top of this page.  Just follow the easy directions, our editors will pick their faves and share them here and on Facebook.  We’re looking forward to your pix!

Mini bosc.  Kim Price Landscape Design 

Fantastic arrangement of containers via Habitually Chic

Is bark the last thing you consider when planning your garden? Photo via Clive Nichols.

James Rose…a true American pioneer in the spring issue of Leaf magazine.

The Secret Gardens Project in London allows artists and designers to create pop-up and temporary spaces that create a trail of gardens throughout the city.  This merges the idea of street art and gardens beautifully.  They will be a part of the Chelsea Fringe Festival in May.

Ideas for outdoor style.  Take a little bit of inspiration from our Bollywood mood board.